IoT and Agritech – Revolution of the Agriculture Industry

IoT and Agritech – Revolution of the Agriculture Industry

The Agriculture industry is feeding the world. That means applying IoT technologies to this area helps people in the most direct way possible. In the production industry we are talking about Industry4.0 or OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) to increase the throughput of machinery. Agritech gives us more grain from the fields by looking at soil moisture, fertilizer requirements and weather forecasts.

An Example of the post harvesting process with Agritech

Grain can be stored in silos over years. With this method demand fluctuations for food or the crop amount can be handled. But storing grain isn’t as easy as it seams. A lot of parameters must be controlled constantly to maintain the quality:

  • Temperature
  • Moisture
  • CO2
  • Fumigants

To maintain this level of quality, the farmer would typically check on the crop in their silos daily. Of course, this would be done manually and in person. However, a silo with 30.000 cubic meter is not easy to investigate when you want to check the grain health in the center of the silo. Subsequently, the farmer has no way of being certain about the status of his crop entirely.

Here comes IoT technology into place. Sensors can be place around and inside the silo. The data can be collected constantly without any human interaction. This data can then be fed into machine learning models to predict the conditions in each point in the silo over time.

If thresholds are met, actions can be taken automatically, such as cooling by ventilation or moving the grain.

All you need is sensors and controlled machinery together with a IoT platform that collects all the data and takes activities if needed.

The CIS Solution product I/O.nite can handle this approach by reading data and controlling machines via a variety of interfaces.

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