How IoT creates Smart Buildings

How IoT creates Smart Buildings

One of the things that a smart building requires is a solution for lighting control. In order to measure the energy consumption, it is important to gain full control of the lighting system. Through gaining the relevant data it is possible to analyse the usage of energy to different rooms and spaces within a building and thus make the corresponding changes to drastically reduce energy consumption.

One way to do do so is to install sensors and controllers that can integrate into that existing lightning system. To gain access to these sensors there has to be a network to send the data to a centralized system and to respond with commands to the sensors and controllers. It is possible to avoid building a wired connection to every of these sensors. I/O.nite can use a wireless connection. State of the art is, that the sensors build up a mesh network themselves. This way you can position your lightning system wherever you want, the sensors inside build up a sensor network automatically.

That means by installing an intelligent lightning system, you also create a sensor network. Why don’t we just think one step further and use that network for other purposes?

Beyond lighting applications, we can think about asset tracking, occupancy analytics, indoor navigation, climate monitoring and many more use cases.

Use case hospital

IoT Use Case Hospital Smart Building
IoT Use Case Hospital Smart Building

In hospitals exist an enormous amount of assets that have to be mobile. Think about wheelchairs, beds, analytics systems like sphygmomanometer (blood pressure), ultrasonic scanners, life support systems, defibrillator and many more. These can be very expensive. That means knowing where they are and who needs them next is crucial to reduce unused systems and thus reduce costs.

Use case conference center, office

IoT Use Case Office Smart Building
IoT Use Case Office Smart Building

If you install sensors in meeting rooms or offices, you can track the occupancy automatically. Not only in times of a global pandemic can it be very important to know, how many people are in a building, how many already use the infrastructure and how many are allowed to enter additionally.

IoT-Systems can be used in a much broader way then normally thought of. Looking over the edge leads to clever new solutions that shape the future.

The CIS Solution product I/O.nite can handle this approach by reading data and controlling machines via a variety of interfaces.

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