What is IoT?

IoT (Internet of Things) is an enabling technology. It is not a product, but it supports solutions and concepts, such as Smart Industry or Smart City. IoT is in some cases also called IIoT (Industral Internet of Things), and mainly used in the sector of industrial production. However, the Technology is the same. IoT can also be phrased as the “spider in the net”, in the center waiting for a problem to occur and to be solved by IoT technology.

How does the future of IoT look like?

There are various studies available that state, that soon we will have 15 “things” near to us as a person. We all know smart phones, smart watches, and sports wearables. But the number will increase rapidly. That means IoT is near to us, at all times. With that perspective the relevance of technology, security, ethics and how our society lives together will subsequently move into the focus.

IoT & the DESI index

With the DESI index (Digital Economy and Society Index) the EU records and assesses the current state of play in the areas of network coverage, digital skills, internet use, the degree of digitisation of the economy and eGovernment. Here, Germany is found in the mid-sector, thus leaving enough room for improvement. And the government is recognising that.

Data storage is a big topic related especially to security issues and the “ownership of data”. Based on that collected data more and more technologies arise, that use artificial intelligence to interpret the data and derive recommendations for action out of it. And finally, we must talk about social, legal, and ethical questions surrounding IoT. We believe in transparency.

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